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A runner can be described by parameters deriving from his performance or by physiological parameters.

I am not a doctor or a technician and that is why I, and probably many of you, prefer to describe according to the best performance on the road on classic lengths such as 3000, 5000, 10000 m. or the half marathon, or on off-road routes, Trail, with the greatest distance and the positive difference in height traveled. As long as I raced on the road, my references were the 5k, i10k and half. When I started running for trails, I also made reference to the running distance and the d +, to measure my resistence.

And what references do you have to describe yourself and compare yourself with the friends you run with?

In any case, it all depends on how the race is interpreted. For me it’s fun; it is an opportunity to enjoy beautiful views, beautiful tracks, to stay with a group of friends. After a Trail, it is the way to consolidate the journey just ended with third convivial times. I don’t hide the fact that until a year or more ago, it gave me satisfaction to record some good times but then …

My advice ? As an amateur as I am, 🏃‍♂️ a sensation and don’t get stuck on the times! 🍻

Here, however, my best times, as an amateur, who started practicing this sport over the forties

5 km: 21′53 ″… June 21, 2018… In the “full wall tour” race in Lucca on the ancient walls that surround the town

10 km: 45′52 ″… March 31, 2019… “Vivicittà Livorno” race

HM – 21.097 km: 1h43′03 ″… December 8, 2019… San Miniato (PI) Half Marathon

Uphill road running:

9.27 km, d+ 610 m: 1h02’07 “: race “Vega 10” – Calci (PI)/ Monte Serra … March 2, 2019

5.26 Km, d + 405 m: 37 ′ 18 ″ … Filecchio-Tiglio Alto hill climb race … September 1, 2018

But how is the performance of a Lucca runner actually measured, as I am??

The tour of Mura with its variants … for example the Parkrun!

4.22 km … 18′17 ″ … June 21, 2018 during the “full wall” race

parkrun 5 km timed, free, every Saturday at 9.00: 21′31 ″… April 6, 2019

And the trail adventure began in November 2019:

Longest distance run: Assisin’s ring 29 km, d + 1170m … February 23, 2020

Major difference in height: “Trail Bisesto, Trail funesto” 26.5 km, d + 1513 m. February 29, 2020

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