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Hello my name is Andrea and, in my free time, I enjoy running and describing feelings and running itineraries, mostly trail, in the blog that I created “ #pellerun & #pelletrail , running and surroundings“.

I run to play sport, to have fun outdoors, preferably with friends, to relieve stress, to overcome my limits or help others do it, to explore new places, discover new itineraries even in well-known locations (there is always some path that shows new things and offers different training or reflection points).

Running, for me, is a healthy, fun sport, to be practiced preferably out of business logics. It is not easy, I am aware of it, in today’s world almost everything leads almost always there and running is an increasingly attractive business … but luckily there are free and inclusive initiatives that I invite everyone to support, that I have found, attend and I often speak very willingly: Parkrun (5 km of free running which take place every Saturday morning in many cities around the world), Asd Survival trail runners based in Livorno but in place in all Tuscany, with fantastic self-managed Trails where fun, company, practical and technical advice, and third times are ingredients base and where they can participate, even those who are not members, as a guest (except in this period when there are restrictions due to the pandemic linked to Covid).

am therefore a sportsman, I practice running, trail running and, when I can, swimming (another great passion of mine, with the ambition to combine it with the trail … swim-trail).
Being in the woods, getting to know nature or new places is very important for me, to better balance the day-by-day.
In this blog I will try to stimulate, with my articles or those I will host, written by friends, to make it clear that nothing is impossible for those who do not consciously set insurmountable limits.

Andrea Pelleriti
Creator of the blog “Running and surroundings by Pellerun

Enjoy the reading !
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