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The hilly tour through the woods of Stabbiano (LU) with Fabrizio rather than the summer km run in the Livornese maquis with the carefree runners of Cecina, have increasingly strengthened in me the idea of ​​trying some nice trails.

The opportunity came thanks to the Asd Survival trail runners, a Livorno group that organizes, with excellent guides, self-managed trails in the area. A group of which I observed, site and social for some time, intrigued until the moment when I decided to approach them.

And so was born the baptism with the MAGONA SURVIVAL, 23 Km, 1000 d +, starting from the wood of the MAGONA scrub in Bibbona (LI).

A trail considered of medium difficulty and which, for me, was a lot of fun (also for the gay that run with me) but demanding, considering that it was my first. We walked the paths of the beautiful maquis of MAGONA, waded streams in full, climbed three hills alternating pieces of uphill and downhill hard and slippery in the mud with sweeter ups and downs or streams uphill. Surely, without joining, I would not have discovered this exciting path.

On the way For the first time I wore my camel bag (well full of water, since there were no water supplies along the way) also containing a thermal sheet; a whistle; my cellphone; Kway rain (the weather these days is not the best) and something to put under your teeth.

For the occasion I also inaugurated my trail shoes that behaved very well by supporting me on every terrain.

The experience was fantastic. I thank the Survival trail running of Livorno very much, including Riccardo and Alessandro, both for organizing these outings but also and above all for having hosted, supported, waited and recommended me. Truly an excellent company, a fundamental ingredient for feeling good, having fun, learning, comparing oneself. Certainly an exciting, hard experience (maybe I should have started with something softer) but it was worth it, also for the goal and share the final, third time to conclude the morning in the best way.

Survival, Magona trail Dec, 22-’19

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