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(non) parkrun is the new parkrun initiative to stimulate motion in this post lock-down period in which the traditional Saturday morning appointment is still suspended. An idea to continue to involve the parkrunners people. But in what way? Simply indicating on the parkrun portal if you have walked or run 5k and indicating the recorded time. Certainly an insignificant and hardly comparable figure, since every person can do it on the path he wants. Therefore, without indicating factors that could with some algorithm, homogenize the various times entered, it is truly an end in itself. But I think this is precisely the purpose and not to create competition. The aim is to stimulate virtual aggregation. And, with this spirit, I started to enter the result of my 5k and with me thousands of other people so much so that today there are over 200,000 results entered.

mura di Lucca parkrun Jan 2020

Whether I run on asphalt, on dirt roads, on sand or on a flat or hilly single track, with a relaxing or more “pushed” purpose, I always score my result, to feel part of an international community passionate about running wherever I do.

Memories of mura di Lucca parkrun and volunteering

Then there are the freedom parkrun, or the 5k paths on the traditional parkrun track but independently. I also made a couple, again for fun, to see if in this period when I run exclusively by feeling but having a lot of fun, I still have some speed in my legs. I have to be honest it satisfies me more to feel part of the (non) park runner community! 

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